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Here’s is my favorite boredom buster.  It’s a messy one so best to do it outside.

Ready to have fun with shaving cream? Here’s what you need:

shaving cream

food dye

tray or wipe-able surface

paintbrushes or stirring stick


I put a bunch a little dollops of shaving cream on the tray and then put a couple of drops of food dye on the dollops.  a different color for each one.  Next I hand my little guy a paintbrush or chopstick or whatever, and let him go to town.  My child loves it he says “mixing” and “paint” eventually he’ll drop the brush and just dive in with his hands.  I also do a little color learning during this.

food dyedyemixalldone

When we were all done.  he wanted to put it in the oven and cook it.  Silly boy!

So this is my favorite and has been repeated several times.  He will play for a long while 20 mins!!! or until too messy.  I did attempt to do this inside once.  I used a large towel to contain the mess.  I did manage to wash a lot of dishes while he played, but he made such a huge mess I will only do this outside from now on.  He got shaving cream all over all the appliances and then ran around the house until I caught him.  when outside I just use the hose for easy clean up.


Time for another toddler activity!

Indoor chalk

What you need:


Black construction paper


use a place mat or newspaper, lay out the construction paper and a small cup of water.  Dip the end of your chalk piece in the water and draw on the paper.


This was one we tried in the winter.  I will defiantly be repeating again. It keep him busy for awhile as long as I was sitting with him.  so if you need to write out some bills or your grocery list this is a good distraction. I’m hoping next winter when he’s older he will spend more time on it.



Here’s another toddler activity.

Bread Painting

I think I had just as much fun doing this as my kid did.  This was really easy and I didn’t have to go buy anything I had everything on hand.  And is a great way to use up stale bread.

what you need:

white bread


food dye

paint brushes

Just set out some place-mats or newspaper to contain the mess.  lay out your bread.  add a couple drops of food dye to a small amount of milk, as many colors as you like.  Grab your paint brush and go to town!


And the best part about this activity is you can eat it!

My little guy had fun and enjoy this but he was done after 5 minutes and just stared eating the bread.  This did not really keep him busy for long but was a great distraction and snack.

I wanted to share my toddler activities with you.  I think most of them are all ideas that are found online, but with my hyper active boy I wanted to share how they went down.  Every child is different and plays differently.   Sometimes you put together something you think will be a total hit and it lasts for 5 mins and makes a big mess.  Here’s what I have tried with my kid so far.

Today I will share a super easy one. Great for a Rainy day.

Duct tape road

All you need is some duct tape, masking tape or painter’s tape.  I used some off brand duct tape we had laying around.  Just cut pieces of varying length and make a fun road with intersecting.

and then dump out some toy cars and let your little one go to town.



please forgive my bad pictures.  I was using my camera phone.  and my little one wouldn’t hold still.

He loved this!  It kept him busy for at least 15 mins.  Which is a win in my book.  We kept it for a few days until he got board of it.  Peeling it off the carpet was fun for him also and he played with the tape for a bit.

have you ever done this before? how did it go for your little one?

I wanted to share this awesome project we did for Blake.  It’s a busy board.  Basically a board with lots of do-dads to keep your toddler busy.   I searched pinterest and found this one.


We got everything at Lowes. I found the perfect sized board there. First I had the Hubby sand it.

Next we used spray paint in yellow and black and used a wide painters tape to achieve the stripes.


painted yellow and taping stripes


spray painting black


peeling off the paint


all done!

I used freezer paper as a stencil for the lettering.  The original said caution boy at play.  But I left it out in case we had a little girl next.

Lastly the hardware, I picked out a bunch of chains, wheels, and door locks that looked fun


Once it was all together Blake had a blast playing with it. His favorite is the springy door stopper.

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