I wanted to share my toddler activities with you.  I think most of them are all ideas that are found online, but with my hyper active boy I wanted to share how they went down.  Every child is different and plays differently.   Sometimes you put together something you think will be a total hit and it lasts for 5 mins and makes a big mess.  Here’s what I have tried with my kid so far.

Today I will share a super easy one. Great for a Rainy day.

Duct tape road

All you need is some duct tape, masking tape or painter’s tape.  I used some off brand duct tape we had laying around.  Just cut pieces of varying length and make a fun road with intersecting.

and then dump out some toy cars and let your little one go to town.



please forgive my bad pictures.  I was using my camera phone.  and my little one wouldn’t hold still.

He loved this!  It kept him busy for at least 15 mins.  Which is a win in my book.  We kept it for a few days until he got board of it.  Peeling it off the carpet was fun for him also and he played with the tape for a bit.

have you ever done this before? how did it go for your little one?