Here’s is my favorite boredom buster.  It’s a messy one so best to do it outside.

Ready to have fun with shaving cream? Here’s what you need:

shaving cream

food dye

tray or wipe-able surface

paintbrushes or stirring stick


I put a bunch a little dollops of shaving cream on the tray and then put a couple of drops of food dye on the dollops.  a different color for each one.  Next I hand my little guy a paintbrush or chopstick or whatever, and let him go to town.  My child loves it he says “mixing” and “paint” eventually he’ll drop the brush and just dive in with his hands.  I also do a little color learning during this.

food dyedyemixalldone

When we were all done.  he wanted to put it in the oven and cook it.  Silly boy!

So this is my favorite and has been repeated several times.  He will play for a long while 20 mins!!! or until too messy.  I did attempt to do this inside once.  I used a large towel to contain the mess.  I did manage to wash a lot of dishes while he played, but he made such a huge mess I will only do this outside from now on.  He got shaving cream all over all the appliances and then ran around the house until I caught him.  when outside I just use the hose for easy clean up.