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Here’s another bubble play activity.

Sometimes Blake doesn’t want to swim in his kiddie pool and spends his time outside trying to escape.  Sometimes he is too impatient to wait for the pool to fill up because that hose just sitting in it is too tempting.    So I can up with a solution…. a bubble solution!

It’s so simple.  just fill your kiddie pool up a little bit and dump in some bubble solution or some dish soap.

Blake loves this and we do it often.  He gets clean and pool gets clean and his outdoor toys get clean. Bonus!

bubble pool


I saw this activity on pinterest and thought this year Blake was old enough to try it.  He already loves bubbles and it worked out great.  But he couldn’t quite blow hared enough to do it himself and I am asthmatic and couldn’t do it for very long.  I am sure older kids will love this and will keep them form being bored or away from the Wii for awhile.

What you need:

one sock

plastic bottle

rubber band

bubble solution

Cut the bottom of your plastic bottle off.  Then put the bottle into the sock. Stretch it over the opening and secure with a rubber band.  Dip it into bubble and blow into the bottle to make a long bubble snake. FUN!

hopefully my pictures help explain.  bubbles sock bubbles

I also added some food coloring to the inside of the sock/bottle for extra fun.  But it was extra messy!

I’m back!  We got really busy here at the end of August and I have lots of fun outings and our camping trip to share with you, but for now here’s another toddler activity.

This ice play activity I’m sharing is perfect for a hot summer’s day.   Although this didn’t go exactly as planned it was still fun.

here is a link to where I found this idea

So I followed all the instructions and made an ice bin to play in.  I didn’t buy any arctic animal figures.  I just grab a handful of small toys.

The first thing Blake Did was dump the bin out.  The ice fell out and he just banged on it with his little plastic screwdriver and threw the chunks of ice on the patio until all was destroyed and melting.  So after planning and freezing all night it lasted all of 10 minutes.

ice ice bin