I have been busy with 3 craft shows this month.  I didn’t make out as well as hoped but great to get out of the house.  If you don’t know I’m a stay at home mom in a one car family.  We are usually without transportation during the day.  It makes weekends crazy trying to run all my errands with a husband and toddler in tow.

I have one more show in December but until then I have time to clean the house and make freezer meals.  Yes I love freezer meals I did them last fall/winter.  I’ll do a more detailed post about recipes and how to later.  I will be set for dinners for about a month which is great because my toddler is either too helpful or just climbing on me while I cook.  All I have to do is dump it in the crock pot.  And I have more time to sew!

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Here’s some of what I sell at craft shows:  Toddler training pants, Baby booties, Crayon rolls.  All are found at my etsy shop except the crayon rolls.