Freezer meal are the best!  If you don’t know freezer meals are just that meals that have been frozen.  I like to stock pile about a months worth at a time and then you have one less thing to think about during the day, what’s for dinner?  There are lots of bloggers sharing their recipes and expertize. Check out a few that I found really helpful.




The first thing you need are recipes I use mostly crock pot meals.  I hunt around Pinterest and blogs. I pick about 6-8 and plan on doubling each recipe and add in a few left over days and pasta meals to equal a months worth of meals.  Once I have my recipes all picked out I write up a big list of all the ingredients needed minus what’s already on hand like salt and pepper, etc.

Now for the shopping.  It is a lot all at once.  I try to go to a few different stores to ensure getting the best prices.  Aldis is great for all the canned goods and dry pastas and rice and then I head to my local grocery store for fresh produce and meats.  After a huge shopping trip, carrying everything in and putting all that food away its time for a break.   I freeze all my meals in gallon freezer bags so I like to sit down (yeah!) and write out all my meals and instructions on each bag.  still have energy? Nope

I put all my meals together the day after the big shop.  how I do this depends on how clean my kitchen is and what counter space is available.   It’s best to chop all your veggies at once and then just scoop what is needed into each bag.  After that cut up your meat and dump that into each bag per recipe.  and last seasonings and  canned goods like tomatoes and beans or whatever your recipes calls for.  Now just seal and toss into freezer and you are all set for a months worth of dinners.

Here are a few of the meals I froze for this month

Chicken tortilla soup

Chunky Chili

Sausage and Peppers