So I’ve been thinking about what to do with a very active toddler during the winter months and I want to set up a play area in our basement.  We have limited space in our duplex and the basement has the most floor space even though its the coldest room.  I of course have a whole Pinterest board of playroom ideas.

Here’s a few of my favorites


I am defiantly making Blake a ball pit for Christmas this year.  We already have the slide, just need to clean it up from sitting outside all summer.  I found the pool on amazon.  And found the balls at Toy R Us.

I also have a train/Lego table that needs to be finished up that will be put down in the basement.  I want to make a big magnet board and been looking for a good kid’s trampoline.  I have a few other ideas.  what is in your kid’s playroom?