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I just finished a really fun custom order from my etsy shop.  I was asked to make some toddler underwear to go along with a book.  “Bear, do you wear underwear?”  In the book each character tells us what underwear they wear.  I had a lot of fun hunting down fabrics and figuring out the best what to do each pair.  I was pleased they turned out so well and I really hope my customer loves them.

I had to alter my training pants pattern for the briefs and I used some of my sons boxer briefs to make a pattern for the boxers.  I loved the boxer briefs and am going to whip up a few pairs for my kiddo for Christmas.

Here are all the awesome undies I made!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 undies undies2 undies3


I am planning on making a DIY play kitchen for Blake.  I have been looking all over pinterest for inspiration and have found some really creative and fun ideas.

Here’s a link to my play kitchen board

I just need to find an old media center shouldn’t be too hard now that most everyone has flat screen TV’s.  I want to include a refrigerator, stove, sink with faucet, stove top and microwave plus storage.  Blake has a bunch of play kitchen items and a old plastic play kitchen we got at a garage sale but I think he would love a new one.  I also want to make some nice felt food for him.  I am aiming for his Birthday in March hopefully that’s enough time.