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I have been working on a quiet book for Blake for like FOR-EV-ER! I have about a dozen pages done and a few more I’m still working on.  I really need to put them together into a book. I recently finished the Dino page I’d cut out like 6 months ago.  It was really cute and a little less complex than the other pages I have done.  I found the pattern for it at 

She is a total felt genius, all her patterns are free, and are awesome.

Next I’m going to do the cupcake page!

dino dino2


I am sooo excited to say we are done potty training.  We finished up with night training in November and made the big switch to full time underwear wearing.  Of course my little guy wasn’t excited as I was about underwear.  I guess he though he graduated from diapers to going naked.  I wanted to buy him some cute ones he would want to wear but 12.00 for 5 pairs of Disney cars briefs was a bit much.  I did snag some on black Friday.  But after finding this awesome Boxer Briefs pattern I was eager to make my own.  I found a Mario shirt at the thrift store and made my first pair.  they turned out soooo CUTE!  The pattern is really easy to follow and you can do it all on a regular sewing machine.  I went back to the thrift store and got a bunch more t-shirts to make into undies.

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