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My son’s third birthday is in 2 weeks!  I had picked up a copy of Monster’s University during black Friday for ten bucks a total steal, and decided to do a monsters theme for his upcoming birthday.  I’ve been scouring Pinterest for monster ideas and found some really fun ones.  I’m going to share them all here.   First this was the first party I’ve done that was a popular licensed theme.  So I went to my local party city for paper products and decorations.  I had also found some purple plates and napkins on clearance at target that would match the color scheme: purple, teal, lime.  I am trying to not go bananas over this party and keep things simple and easy. It is not a kids party it’s just a family gathering so that eliminates having to do favors, games, and having tons of sweets.  I almost did a little candy buffet but it would have been an extra fifty bucks for all the candy, scoops, bags, and containers and most of the adults would not have eaten any so I decided against it.


I have been working on a quiet book for Blake for like FOR-EV-ER! I have about a dozen pages done and a few more I’m still working on.  I really need to put them together into a book. I recently finished the Dino page I’d cut out like 6 months ago.  It was really cute and a little less complex than the other pages I have done.  I found the pattern for it at 

She is a total felt genius, all her patterns are free, and are awesome.

Next I’m going to do the cupcake page!

dino dino2

I am sooo excited to say we are done potty training.  We finished up with night training in November and made the big switch to full time underwear wearing.  Of course my little guy wasn’t excited as I was about underwear.  I guess he though he graduated from diapers to going naked.  I wanted to buy him some cute ones he would want to wear but 12.00 for 5 pairs of Disney cars briefs was a bit much.  I did snag some on black Friday.  But after finding this awesome Boxer Briefs pattern I was eager to make my own.  I found a Mario shirt at the thrift store and made my first pair.  they turned out soooo CUTE!  The pattern is really easy to follow and you can do it all on a regular sewing machine.  I went back to the thrift store and got a bunch more t-shirts to make into undies.

photo 1 photo 2

I just finished a really fun custom order from my etsy shop.  I was asked to make some toddler underwear to go along with a book.  “Bear, do you wear underwear?”  In the book each character tells us what underwear they wear.  I had a lot of fun hunting down fabrics and figuring out the best what to do each pair.  I was pleased they turned out so well and I really hope my customer loves them.

I had to alter my training pants pattern for the briefs and I used some of my sons boxer briefs to make a pattern for the boxers.  I loved the boxer briefs and am going to whip up a few pairs for my kiddo for Christmas.

Here are all the awesome undies I made!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 undies undies2 undies3

I am planning on making a DIY play kitchen for Blake.  I have been looking all over pinterest for inspiration and have found some really creative and fun ideas.

Here’s a link to my play kitchen board

I just need to find an old media center shouldn’t be too hard now that most everyone has flat screen TV’s.  I want to include a refrigerator, stove, sink with faucet, stove top and microwave plus storage.  Blake has a bunch of play kitchen items and a old plastic play kitchen we got at a garage sale but I think he would love a new one.  I also want to make some nice felt food for him.  I am aiming for his Birthday in March hopefully that’s enough time.


So I’ve been thinking about what to do with a very active toddler during the winter months and I want to set up a play area in our basement.  We have limited space in our duplex and the basement has the most floor space even though its the coldest room.  I of course have a whole Pinterest board of playroom ideas.

Here’s a few of my favorites


I am defiantly making Blake a ball pit for Christmas this year.  We already have the slide, just need to clean it up from sitting outside all summer.  I found the pool on amazon.  And found the balls at Toy R Us.

I also have a train/Lego table that needs to be finished up that will be put down in the basement.  I want to make a big magnet board and been looking for a good kid’s trampoline.  I have a few other ideas.  what is in your kid’s playroom?


Freezer meal are the best!  If you don’t know freezer meals are just that meals that have been frozen.  I like to stock pile about a months worth at a time and then you have one less thing to think about during the day, what’s for dinner?  There are lots of bloggers sharing their recipes and expertize. Check out a few that I found really helpful.




The first thing you need are recipes I use mostly crock pot meals.  I hunt around Pinterest and blogs. I pick about 6-8 and plan on doubling each recipe and add in a few left over days and pasta meals to equal a months worth of meals.  Once I have my recipes all picked out I write up a big list of all the ingredients needed minus what’s already on hand like salt and pepper, etc.

Now for the shopping.  It is a lot all at once.  I try to go to a few different stores to ensure getting the best prices.  Aldis is great for all the canned goods and dry pastas and rice and then I head to my local grocery store for fresh produce and meats.  After a huge shopping trip, carrying everything in and putting all that food away its time for a break.   I freeze all my meals in gallon freezer bags so I like to sit down (yeah!) and write out all my meals and instructions on each bag.  still have energy? Nope

I put all my meals together the day after the big shop.  how I do this depends on how clean my kitchen is and what counter space is available.   It’s best to chop all your veggies at once and then just scoop what is needed into each bag.  After that cut up your meat and dump that into each bag per recipe.  and last seasonings and  canned goods like tomatoes and beans or whatever your recipes calls for.  Now just seal and toss into freezer and you are all set for a months worth of dinners.

Here are a few of the meals I froze for this month

Chicken tortilla soup

Chunky Chili

Sausage and Peppers

I have been busy with 3 craft shows this month.  I didn’t make out as well as hoped but great to get out of the house.  If you don’t know I’m a stay at home mom in a one car family.  We are usually without transportation during the day.  It makes weekends crazy trying to run all my errands with a husband and toddler in tow.

I have one more show in December but until then I have time to clean the house and make freezer meals.  Yes I love freezer meals I did them last fall/winter.  I’ll do a more detailed post about recipes and how to later.  I will be set for dinners for about a month which is great because my toddler is either too helpful or just climbing on me while I cook.  All I have to do is dump it in the crock pot.  And I have more time to sew!

062066 071

Here’s some of what I sell at craft shows:  Toddler training pants, Baby booties, Crayon rolls.  All are found at my etsy shop except the crayon rolls.

My kid loves to cook.  It’s fun to make cookies or cupcakes together but I needed something for him so I could wash dishes and do some cleaning.  I decided to let him do his own baking.  I laid out a bath towel and put on it various bowls, spoons, measuring cups, etc.  and then I filled some with small amounts of flour, sugar and his very favorite eggs.  He had quite a blast and I was able to get some cleaning accomplished.  The best part was it wasn’t too messy when he was done. Awesome!  although I did have more dishes to wash.


photo 4


photo 2 photo 3


Sometimes I like to shop online, OK I LOVE it!  Which provides me with lots of boxes, and potential fun!  Normally just having a big box to sit in is enough in itself to keep Blake busy, but he gets bored of it after a day or so.  And it’s off to the recycling bin.  So to stretch more play out of your box, color it!  yea!  I only let Blake color with color wonder because I don’t trust him to not color the walls and himself and the couch, but I let him go wild with some crayons while he was sitting in a box.  It was fun I think next time we will add some stickers to the mix and maybe some colored tape.

photo 1 photo 2